Wireless Internet Security On the Go

July 25, 2014
Summer is a popular time for travel, and while staying connected can enrich your travel experience, it is important to take note of potential security issues before using the Internet on the go. Wireless networks in hotels and other public locations can leave users vulnerable to cybercrime if the appropriate steps are not taken.  

PRIVATE WiFi recently released a new infographic, available at http://www.privatewifi.com/wireless-safety-tips-for-travelers/ and below, that highlights five steps you can take to protect yourself on wireless networks while you travel. 

Get savvy about WiFi hotspots by limiting the type of business you conduct and adjusting the security settings on your device to limit who can access your machine. Additionally, note that paid Wi-Fi doesn't ncessarily mean safe WiFi; use common sense when you connect, and if you're online through an unsecured or unprotected network, be cautious about the sites you visit and the information you release.

 For more infographics, tip sheets and tools, visit http://staysafeonline.org/stay-safe-online/resources/.